12 Kindle Tricks and Tips To Enhance User Experience

12 Kindle Tips And Tricks To Enhance User Experience
12 Kindle Tips And Tricks To Enhance User Experience

Kindle is a beloved device for all readers. The wide variety of books available at your fingertips and being able to access as many books as you’d like from anywhere without having the burden of carrying around heavy books is a luxury that many readers adore about this digital invention but do you know there are more things that you can on your kindle besides just reading books available on the Amazon store? And not just that, you can also tap into many other features that the device has to offer. This will be your kindle help guide. Simply follow the tips and tricks given below and you will be able to make better use out of your kindle:

1.    Take a screenshot- Sometimes while reading you might come across a page that has a quote that you loved, perhaps a paragraph that touched you, or a sentence that provoked many thoughts in your mind and after reading it you might want to save that page in your gallery or take a screenshot of it for memory. Well, you can do that on your kindle and it’s quite simple too all you have to do is tap the upper right corner and the bottom left corner of the device at the same time, and voila you have the screenshot on your kindle.


The way to access these screenshots is by plugging in a USB to your computer and open the kindle folder and all your screenshots will be displayed right up front.

2. Browse web- You might have not thought of being able to browse on the web on your kindle but it is possible. Kindle has something called an experimental browser and you can easily access it by simply tapping it on the three dots given at the top right corner and you will find the option for ‘experimental browser’ on it. You can now access any site you’d like.

3. Show clock while reading-The default feature does not allow you to access the clock while you have a book open on your kindle. You can however change this setting. When you open a book tap on the screen and an option to change font will appear on the top left, upon selecting it you can see many other options. Under the more menu, you will find the ‘show clock while reading’ setting, turn it on.

4. Turn on night vision- Now, this setting is specifically for kindle oasis users. You can turn on the night light in your device to make reading in the dark environment less irritable and more comfortable for your eyes navigate to settings > device options > display settings > turn on the nightlight.

5. Turn off recommendations-Sometimes people have a very specific choice for the types of books they want to read.

Kindle recommendations might not be very useful to them since they recommend you based on the genre you are on or something close to the storyline of the book you are currently reading. In this case, you might want to turn off the recommendations so that you can focus and stick to your preferences. To do so go on the settings menu > all settings > device options > advanced options > home & library > turn off the ‘home screen view’. And it’s done; you won’t be getting recommendations from amazon kindle support now.

6. Protect your privacy- Many people might not know this but amazon monitors all your moves on kindle for marketing purposes you can however prevent them from doing so by disabling the privacy option. You can find this option by navigating through settings > device options > advanced options > privacy > disable privacy.

7. E-mail pdf to your kindle- You can e-mail pdfs to your kindle and read those pdfs on kindle. This feature is great for those who buy e-books on a computer. How you can do this is by going to amazon.com/myk on your pc. This will take you to the kindle management section of the website. Go to preferences section > personal documents settings. To send an email to your Kindle you have to enter your details here to prevent other people to send an email on your kindle. So, add in your email address as an approved sender and now you can send emails to your kindle.

TIP- Add the word “convert” to the subject line and it will convert a pdf into a kindle format.

8. Change the page turn buttons- Another helpful trick for the kindle oasis readers, when you hold the device with a different orientation the page turn buttons are inverted. To change this, go to settings > reading options > page turn > reverse.

9. Loan books to your friends- Go to the kindle website, amazon.com/myk on the content section on the list of books that appear you will see three dots for every book (not all books have these options) you can select ‘loan this title’ from there and email it to anyone. 

NOTE- you can loan one book only once and to one person for 14 days. You can’t read the book while it’s been loaned.

10. Read articles on Kindle- You can download an extension on your google chrome “save to kindle” click here to do so. Now you can directly send any article to your kindle from your chrome by just clicking one button.

11. Fix kindle registration error- Sometimes using amazon service users face issues with registration like amazon fire stick not registering, kindle not registering, etc. if all the information you are entering is correct it could just be happening because of a glitch in the system. A simple solution to this is just to restart your kindle.

12. Update kindle fire- To know how to update kindle fire manually follow these steps- open setting apps > device options > system update, if a new version is available select ‘check now’. Once the kindle update process is completed you can start using the latest software.

Follow the above tips and your kindle experience will be taken to a whole new level. If you still have any queries regarding the kindle device you can access the kindle support service on amazon.