Troubleshooting Flickering Screen Error for Your Amazon Fire Tablet

The amazon fire tablet introduced a feature on the device that is causing the device screen to flicker. The flicker does not happen at a rapid pace but the screen keeps shutting off for a few seconds before returning and this happens at a gradual pace. It could be very annoying when this keeps happening while you use your device and not only is it annoying but it can also be damaging to your device if not fixed. 

It is important to know that there is nothing wrong with the hardware and your device is not malfunctioning; even though sometimes that could be the reason to which we will also find the solutions, later in this article but it mostly occurs on the devices due to the software problems. If you are facing the problem of screen flickering on your amazon fire tablet then this will be your kindle help guide for Amazon for kindle fire troubleshooting. This article will uncover all the problems that could be causing the flickering screen and the solutions to fix this issue. 


The following mentioned reasons could be the cause of the flickering screen
on your amazon fire tablet:

Kindle Auto Brightness Feature
  • Auto-brightness feature- 

  • Device cover– There is plenty of covers available for your device and they are used for beautification and safety purposes. However, it is important to invest in some good quality covers to protect your device from being mishandled or to have a safety net in case you accidentally drop it. The cases that fit too tight on the device should especially be avoided as it might cause the back cover to press in which interfere with its operations and can cause damage to the battery.  
  • Corrupt software– Every machine needs constant servicing to perform well in the long run. In the case of electronic devices just like the hardware the software also needs servicing. This can be done by updating the software when the company releases an update. If the software is not up to date or has an error then it will cause issues like screen flickering, screen freezing, kindle fire won’t turn off, and other troubles to your device. Therefore, you must update your device whenever a new software update is launched to avoid these problems. 


To solve such issues that cause your device screen to flicker, you can follow these preventative and control measures:


  • Perform a reboot/restart of your device– To ensure there isn’t an active third-party background service and preventative that is causing this problem you need to restart your device. This will get rid of any temporary hiccups on your device. 
  • Perform hard reset– 
Solving Amazon Fire Tablet Screen Flickering
Foscam Camera Hard Reset
Amazon Fire Tablet Screen Flickering - Instant Solution

When restarting the device does not work and the screen still flickers you can perform a factory reset to your amazon fire tablet. Keep in mind that doing so will get rid of any files or downloads that you may have on your device and will also change the settings back to their original set-up; the files cannot be later retrieved. Therefore, if you are looking to perform a hard reset make sure you have transferred the files and documents that you might want to save on some other device. The books and articles purchased from the Kindle store cannot be backed up and will be lost permanently in this process.

  • Disable auto-brightness– Sometimes an update or hardware issue can lead to an unexpected bug on your device which can affect the display, causing issues like screen flickering. The auto-brightness settings can also cause the screen to flicker if it is affected by software or hardware defects. To resolve this issue, you need to turn off the auto-brightness settings from your device and adjust it manually. 
  • Check for updates- 

    kindle update as usually these updates are made to fix these bugs and will solve your problem. In case your system has a new update and you are still using the old software then that could be the reason for your screen to flicker. To resolve this all you need to do is update kindle fire or download kindle firmware. If you have questions like “how do I update my kindle fire?” then follow these steps:

Amazon fire tablet flickering screen
  • How to update kindle fire is very similar to how to update kindle touch or any other kindle device. This setting is the same in all kindle devices.
  • Ensure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi
  • Click “system update”
  • You can see the current OS and date of your last update
  • Tap on the “check now” option to see if a new version is available for update
  • If it is, click on “update now” to start the update process
  • Change the cover- If you feel like the case that you have put on your device is too tight you should remove it as it might be suffocating the hardware and can affect the performance of your device. These hardcovers are also not good for protecting the device from a fall or if it accidentally takes a hit and merely has a beautification benefit. Other than that it is harmful to your device as it could also trap in heat and causes the device to get overheated as well as affect the battery. If your Kindle Fire Won’t Charge or you have kindle fire 8 SD card issues this could also be caused due to this. Therefore, it is suggested that you use a leather or silicon cover on your device.