The Amazon Kindle fire tablets run on the Android operating system. Just like any other android device a reboot loop (or a boot loop) occurs when a line of codes prevents the reboot process from being completed. As a result, the attempts for rebooting the device operating system fail, and the device tries to rebook again and again and that is how your amazon fire tablet gets stuck on a boot loop. You might think of it as a rare thing to happen but it is a common kindle fire problem.



Although it is not the device’s fault that this happens, there are some of the systems issues that might lead to the reboot failure. These can be because of the software or because the user might have made an error while using the device. The common causes for this to happen are:

Kindle fire update problems- 

When you are using an older update on your device or when there is a problem with the new update the boot loop can occur. This happens when the new update on the software has issues, it is usually resolved by the company as they make improvements to the software and provide new updates with the fixes and all you need to do is update your device with the improved changes provided by the company and the boot loop will end. If they don’t fix the software updates then chances are it is fixable by yourself, you can do so by following the solutions given later in the article.

  • Incompatible app-


If you install a new app or already have an old app on your device that is no longer compatible with your device then you might face these boot loop issues. Incompatible apps are those which are restricted by the android operating systems. These could be the apps that are either not available in your country or do not have a processor that could support the app. If the error has arisen because of a new update, then it will surely be resolved soon or with the next update.

  • Exhausted battery-


When your battery is exhausted your device will face many internal problems such as screen glitches, screen freezing, a device overheating, and the device gets stuck on a boot loop. You need to take preventative measures for this to not happen such as not using the device while it’s charging, not operating the device when the battery is low, avoiding using the device when it gets heated, etc. These preventative measures can save your battery from getting destroyed and allow it to work smoothly in the long run.

  • Third-party system software-


Just like when you install an app that is not supported by the device it causes the device to malfunction, the third-party software also does the same to your device. Sometimes you need third-party software on your device to avail the services which might not be provided by the android operating system software such as antivirus software or gaming software so you install them to enhance the performance of your amazon kindle fire tablet and provide you with a better user experience. This can stir up the issue if that software is not supported by your device or if the device cannot take the load of the software.

  • Failed root-


This is a system error. Performing a task on your device might look like a simple task to you but it is a complex process. When your device is performing a task and due to some malfunctions or systematic error in that process the device falters, it causes the boot loop to occur.



Since this is not an uncommon problem and is also not a major defect in the system you can easily find solutions to it. You can use the following solutions for kindle fire troubleshooting:

  • Update kindle fire-

Before you take any drastic measures make sure that you try to update kindle fire. Updating the kindle will make sure that you are using the latest software and if any fixes come with the update, you will not have to perform any other troubleshooting steps. But if the problem persists then move on to the next step. Follow these steps to know how to update kindle fire:

Ø  Go to settings > device option > system update


Ø  Select the “update” option

  • Reset the fire tablet-

The simplest way to fix any bugs on your kindle fire is to perform a reset. Follow these steps:

Ø  Hold down the power button for around 20 seconds

Ø  Wait till the tablet turns off

Ø  Press the power button again to turn it on


Ø  And your reset is complete

  • Perform a factory reset-

If your kindle fire won’t turn off when you are trying to reset the device or if the reset didn’t fix your problem, then you might have to perform a factory reset. Usually, users avoid doing a reset as it deletes all the information and files from the device as well as it changes the settings to default when you switch it back on. But it is a very efficient method to fix the common problems. To perform the factory reset follow these steps:

Ø  Go to settings > device options > select “reset to factory defaults”


Ø  Select “reset” to perform the factory reset and start the process

  • Change the battery-


You can take your device to a specialist or Amazon support professionals can help you with this process. You might want to have your battery changed from your device if that is the cause of your problem. If the battery is the issue, then you will face other problems and your device’s performance will also decline with time. Therefore, you are left with no other option than to have it changed. If your battery is the problem then it might be covered in the warranty and you can get your device replaced or return it if you want another model. 

To have your device repaired by professionals or changed you can contact amazon kindle support. The service providers at the kindle support are your ultimate kindle help guide. Contact them on- +1-530-455-9193