How To Fix The Error “Amazon Fire Tablet Stuck On Logo Screen?”


Amazon kindle fire is the most beloved and popular device among readers. Although it is equipped with advanced technology and the latest software systems it is still an electronic device after all. Just like any other electronic device you might face problems with the amazon kindle fire. Some of the common kindle fire problem that you might face in your device could be kindle fire 8 sd card issues, kindle fire sd card not recognized, how to update kindle fire, kindle fire registration error, etc. one of the most common problems that users especially face with Amazon fire tablet is their tablet gets stuck on the logo screen. 

To solve this problem, you need to understand what might be causing the problem. The following are some of the reasons that could cause your device to get stuck on the logo screen:

·        Slow Processor-


If your processor is slow or not responding to the instructions that are being given to it, then it can cause your screen to get stuck on the logo page. When the processor receives a lot of instructions at once it has trouble recognizing which instruction to act on it can cause a system failure in return for which the screen gets stuck.

  • Insufficient Memory-

A memory card is an addition to the already present storage that could be removed any time and the storage on the memory card may be expanded at your convenience. When there isn’t enough memory on your memory card and you continue to use it, it will affect the performance of the processor in response to which it freezes. When the memory card does not support more documents, you will not be able to perform any functions or store new information. This can cause your device to get stuck.

  • Lack of Storage Space-

The memory card is just an addition to your device for extra space for storage. The device also has great internal storage but it can get limiting to the users. To add and save more documents, novels, articles, and files on your kindle device you need to add an external memory card. If you continue to use your kindle fire in limited space it will eventually start causing problems to your device. This could be a reason that your device keeps getting stuck on the logo screen.

  • A Glitch in Software-

Sometimes when new software is launched in the device it can become troublesome instead of being helpful. The fault could occur due to malfunctioning or any bugs that the new software has. This bug could affect the screen thus causing it to get stuck on the logo screen.

  • Glitch on a Document-

If a document that you have downloaded has a virus or malware then it can affect the software of your device causing system failure or trouble in some of the features of the device causing the logo screen to get frozen.

  • Fault in Battery-

If there is a problem with the battery such as it has problems charging or synchronizing with the software this could be the reason behind the glitches on your tablet including the screen getting frozen.

  • External Damage-

If the kindle fire tablet is affected by an external impact or there have been any spills of liquid on the device then the device stops responding and gets stuck on the logo screen.

Solutions for Amazon Fire Tablet Stuck on Logo Screen

To solve the problem of your kindle fire getting stuck on the screen on logo screen this could be the kindle help guideYou can follow these kindle fire troubleshooting methods to fix the error “kindle fire tablet stuck on logo screen”:

  • Charge Your Kindle Fire Tablet-

To ensure the optimum state of your device make sure that it is charged. If your kindle is stuck on the logo screen try charging the device so that it is capable of performing well.

  • Update The Kindle Fire To The Latest Software-

Perform a kindle update to make sure if it is a system error it can be fixed with the latest software update. The kindle support launches the software to keep you ensured of the latest updates. If the problem is being caused because of the software the company usually follows up with the new software that has the bug fixes. If you are wondering, how do I update my kindle fire you can follow these steps. Go to the settings > latest software > update software.

  • Clear Storage-

Clean the storage of your device if it is full as it might cause restrains and affect the device causing the screen to freeze. You need to make sure that there is enough space on your device before you install a new file or document.

  • Restart The Device-

This is the most effective method for fixing most of the problems of your kindle fire device. If the screen keeps getting frozen and you are unable to identify the source then it is best you try to restart your device. This is the easiest fix for your frozen screen. You need to press the power button for 20 seconds and then the device will turn off. Turn it back on by pressing the button for 20 seconds again.

  • Reset The Device-

Resetting or rebooting the device will return the device to its default settings undoing all the settings and changes that could have interrupted the operation of the device. To undo all the changes in settings and to ensure that the device is rid of any malware perform a reset. This is the most extreme yet most convenient method to fix the frozen logo screen. You can also do this in case you have the problem of amazon fire stick not registering due to the screen getting frozen.

You can contact Amazon Kindle support for further inquiries about your problem and we will assist you. We have trained professionals working at our kindle support team to help you with technical difficulties as well. Contact us on +1-530 455-9193.