How To Fix Kindle Paperwhite Page Turn Problems

How To Fix Kindle Paperwhite Page Turn Problems
How To Fix Kindle Paperwhite Page Turn Problems

Do not worry if you are facing page-turning problems on your kindle paperwhite. This is among one of the most common problems that kindle users face and the solutions to it are relatively easy as well. You do not have to take an extreme step regarding solving this kindle paperwhite issue. But before you get to solve the page-turning problem on your kindle paperwhite it is important to understand that you understand what exactly is causing the problem. Looking for the cause of the problem will make it easier for you to know which troubleshooting method you require to follow to fix the problem. This article could be your kindle help guide and help you figure out the causes and kindle troubleshooting methods for the kindle paperwhite page turn problem.

What Causes kindle Paperwhite Page Turn Problems?

The following are the reasons for your kindle paperwhite to have page turn problems:

You Are Using an Older Version of The Software:

Amazon kindle launches a new software update now and then to make your device more functional and up to date with your requirements. As technology progresses the device also needs to adapt to the changes to provide you with the latest features and better quality to improve your user experience. Some of these updates are bigger than others. While some are minute bug fixes the other could be to launch or improve a feature. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using the latest kindle device.

Your Kindle Has A Technical Error:

It is common to face a few technical errors on an electronic device. But some features could get affected due to it. You need to fix these technical issues as soon as you discover them to prevent further damage.

Your Kindle is Attacked By A Virus:

There are a lot of ways your kindle paperwhite could get affected by the virus. It could be through an application, a website link you might have opened on your device or devices you have connected to your kindle paperwhite. Be very careful with the type of documents, files, and devices you allow access to on your kindle paperwhite.

Your Kindle is Facing Hardware Issues:

If there are any issues with the kindle paperwhite hardwire then the page turn problem could occur. When you use a Kindle device hardwire are important to be looked after. Make sure to check the hardwire settings so that you can understand whether the problem is being caused by hardwire or not.

You Have Damaged Your Kindle:

Outside impact on the device also damages the quality of its performance. While it may look to you that your device is still in perfect condition function-wise and is only looking damaged from the outside then you are wrong. These small problems such as page-turning are caused by the hit taken by the kindle device.

Device Storage Is Full:

If your device does not have any storage space left then it will cause problems in functioning as there is not any room left for the device to store new instruction or cache memory.

Solutions for Kindle Paperwhite Page Turn Problems:

The following are the ways in which you can fix the kindle paperwhite page turn problem:

Refresh The Page:

You can try this simple method of refreshing the page you are reading on your device. All you need to do is select the “settings” option from the top right corner of your screen > go to “reading options” > turn on the page refresh.

Free Up Some Space:

You need to store the documents and files that are no longer in use so that you can free up the storage space for new information to store. 

Update The Kindle Paperwhite Software:

Go to settings > “software update” and if there is a new update available then click on the “update” option. The software update process will start and your device will restart again with the new kindle update installed. It may take the device a few minutes to complete the entire process.

Restart Your Kindle Paperwhite:

Restarting your kindle device will not erase any information from your kindle paperwhite. You might need to perform the restart to fix minor software or hardware-related problems. To restart your kindle device you need to press and hold the power button till the power dialogue box appears on the screen. Select restart from the dialogue box selecting content will not deregister your device or remove any contents from it. it might take up to a few minutes.

Power Cycle Your Kindle Paperwhite:

If your device is not responsive to the restart function then you can keep your device on charging and try to restart it again after a few hours. When you plug in the charger the LED light will turn amber and when the device is fully charged then the light will turn green. Restart the device when the light is green.

Reset Your Kindle Paperwhite:

Resetting is a little extreme step since it formats all the data from your device, returns it to its default settings as well as deregister your device. You can however secure the files by transferring them on other devices or creating cloud storage for backup. You may then proceed to reset the device. For the reset process you need to go on the home screen and tap on quick action > all setting > tap on menu > select “reset device”

After resetting your device, you will have to re-register your device and re-download the contents from the library. Wi-Fi settings and parental control will also be removed and you will have to make these changes again as per your preference.

For any further help or to have your device fixed, you can call the kindle tech support on the kindle helpline numberOur kindle support team will help you in solving those problems. You can contact our support team on this kindle support number- +1-530 455-9193.