Get Support for Registering Kindle App on Amazon

Kindle is an amazing device that lets you have a plethora of books available at your fingertips. To avail of these books and get started on reading there is something you must do first. That being, registering your device to so that you can gain access to the books sold on Amazon for kindle. Kindle readers buy their books from the amazon website and therefore they must have an account on the website as well as they need to connect the account, they registered on that account with their Kindle device. Now there are different ways you can do this, you can either register from your kindle device or you can log in to your Amazon account and register the kindle app on your amazon. Here’s how you can do it:

Register through kindle:

The most common and easiest way to register to a kindle is by the Kindle app itself. If you are a new user you might want to follow all the guides to set up a kindle. It is not a time-consuming or complex task, rather it is simple and quick to do. You can go through the below-mentioned steps and navigate your way to register a kindle app with your amazon:

  • Charge the device- 


When you first receive the kindle, device make sure to charge it. Amazon kindle comes discharged to prevent any software malfunctions therefore, the first thing you should do when you receive it is to put it on charging

  • Set up an account-


When your device is charged turn on the power button. When the home screen opens you will be asked to enter some information. Enter those in your device and you have successfully started your amazon kindle device.

  • Register your device-


To register your device to the amazon account on your PC or smartphone, go to the settings menu and “find register account” option. Once you find that option select it and fill up the amazon account details on your kindle. Save the details and you are done registering your account.

Register through computer:

If you are registering a kindle for the first time, to your Amazon account then you should use your computer to do so. You can opt for this option if your kindle does not have accessibility to Wi-Fi. Following are the in-depth guidelines as to how you can do this:


  • Open a web browser on your laptop/PC
  • Go to the amazon kindle store website
  • On the horizontal menu that is on the top of your page click “manage your kindle”
  • It will lead you to a page where you will have to enter your details
  • Enter username and password
  • Go to the “save it using our secure server” option
  • Under your kindle account heading click on the “register a new kindle” option
  • Now look at your kindle device and search for a 16 digit long serial number which is given at the back of your kindle device.
  • Now select the option “enter new kindle” option on your device and insert the serial number in that column.
  • Finish up the registration process by clicking on the “register a new Kindle” option.

Now that we have learned how to register kindle app on amazon it will help you access your amazon through your kindle app and help you keep track of all your purchases as well as maintain your library. You have understood how to successfully register your kindle but what if you lose your device or forget your password or want to register your kindle to a new account, how can you do it? Well, the solution is quite simple. All you need to do is deregister your kindle from amazon and then re-register it. It sounds like a complex process to go through but we guarantee to it is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to disconnect your Kindle from your Amazon and then you can follow the registration process to register a new or an old account to your amazon. 

How to re-register my kindle fire?

  • Deregister your device-

Before re-registering your device, you need to ensure that the account previously connected to the device has been removed. While Kindle, on one hand, allows multiple accounts to be registered to an amazon site on the other hand it only allows one account to be registered on the device at a time. So, if you want to add a new or different account follow these steps to perform deregistration first:

Sign in to

Select manage your kindle

Select manage your device

Choose your device on the kindle page

Click on deregister

NOTE- An important note to take into consideration while de-registering a kindle account is that kindle wipes out all the details of that account from that device including the purchased books and articles.

  • Re-register your device-

Now that you have deregistered your kindle device with your Amazon account your Kindle is not connected to any other account. You can connect your kindle to an old or a new amazon account. You can perform this function on your kindle however many times as you please. For the re-registration process you should follow these guidelines:


  • Go on to your kindle device. Since we want to change the account on our kindle, we either use the kindle device or the new account with which we want our kindle to be connected. Here we will see how to reregister with the help of your kindle device only.
  • Switch on the kindle device and look for the settings option then go to the register option
  • Enter the details and login into your new account

You are now completely capable of registering your kindle on the amazon app. However, if this kindle help guideline did not help you in achieving your goal or you have any other queries regarding the amazon kindle you can reach out to amazon kindle support for help. 


Kindle support contact- +1 530 455-9193