How to solve kindle registration error
How to solve kindle registration error

Kindle is a digital device for e-readers that looks like a tablet and is marketed by Amazon. It can be bought on Amazon under the devices and accessories section. Kindle is like an e-library that allows the users to read books, articles, newsletters, play games, share documents, etc. Kindle was launched on Amazon in 2007 and since then has launched various models with different features such as Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite.

In this article, we will be looking into the problems which are initially faced by many users whilst using kindle and their solutions. The major issue, which is especially faced by new buyers, is the kindle fire registration error which interrupts the user registration process. The problems you might face as a kindle user, the reasons these problems occur, and their solutions are listed below:

Problems faced by Kindle users:

When you purchase a new kindle device or use your old device after a substantial amount of time you might run into some of the kindle registration error problems mentioned below:

  • Unable to register- The most commonly faced user problem is being unable to register a kindle device with your account. When you enter the registration details and enter them the device displays a message reading “There was an error while registering your kindle”. This is not just a problem faced by new users but also of the old users who might have been using their device after a long time.
  • Kindle stuck on register screen- finding a “kindle stuck on register screen” is another common issue faced by users regarding the registration. When the registration screen freezes it leaves the device unable to move forward with the registration process.
  • Kindle Update problems- You might have been able to register on your kindle successfully and face no issues with its functions, but sometimes it so happens that you are unable to update your kindle. Updating the software will allow ease of use of the device and provide an optimal user experience. If you don’t update your device, it might affect the device’s performance and leaves you unable to use the features that the new software has to offer.
  • Unable to connect to Amazon account- users might face a problem where they have issues connecting to their amazon account. This will affect the registration process and enable the users to make purchases from Amazon using their kindle.

Causes of Kindle registration error:

There are many reasons as to why the above-mentioned problems occur amongst so many users. Here are some of the reasons because of which these problems may persist: 

  • Outdated software- in an electronic device constant changes are being made to its software to improve the user experience and provide new features in a device without having to constantly buy a new device to access those features. Kindle also updates its software from time to time. When new software is launched the older version becomes inefficient which causes hindrances while using the device. Therefore, the user needs to ensure that their device is updated to the latest software to be able to use those features.  
  • Wrong account credentials- the registration process might also not process if the details entered during the registration are not accurate. Entering valid credentials is necessary to complete the registration process.
  • Account registered with another device- Make sure that the account you are using to register with your kindle is not registered in any other kindle device. If the account you are trying to register with your kindle is already used to make the registration in another kindle device, it will not be accepted. An account can only be used once to make a registration in kindle.
  • Internet connectivity issues- it is one of the most obvious and common causes of the problem with registration. If your device is not connected to an internet source or if the network is weak, it can cause issues during registration.

Make sure you are not facing any of the above-mentioned problems before you begin the registration process.

Solutions for kindle registration problems:

Before you panic about these problems and invest your time in contacting kindle support make sure that you don’t have any of the above problems. If you do, the following are the ways to solve them:

  • Check internet connectivity- make sure your kindle is connected to a strong internet source. This will make the registration process go by smoothly.
  • Update your device- with the help of a charging cable connect your kindle to a desktop/laptop. Download the kindle e-software update on your desktop and then drag and drop the updated software on your kindle. Your device is now updated; you may remove the cable and proceed with the registration. 
  • Confirm your credentials- make sure that the details you enter during registration are accurate. If you don’t remember the password of the account you are trying to register with, reset it and then try registering with the new password.
  • Deregister your kindle- if your account is already registered on another device, you must de-register it from that device before you use it on your new kindle. Follow these steps to deregister:

Log in to your Amazon account, under the ‘manage your content and device’ select ‘device’ option select the kindle device connected to your account, and click on ‘deregister’.

If you follow all of the instructions above you can complete the registration process with no obstacles. If the problem with registration continues contact Amazon Kindle Support.