10 Secret Amazon Kindle Tips Revealed Here – Know How To Use Amazon Kindle

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10 Secret Amazon Kindle Tips You Must Know

Amazon Kindle is the best and the most affordable eBook reader in the market. The Kindle has a collection of over a million books.

Getting started with Kindle

The first thing you do with your Kindle after charging it is—connect it to your Wi-Fi. Complete the sign-up process and add a method of payment for the books that you will purchase in the coming time.  In case of any difficulties in the Kindle Fire registration process, you can approach Kindle support.

To operate the device, you need to learn 5 basic navigation controls. There are two next page buttons, a home button, a menu, and a keyboard. To turn pages all you need to do is swipe right for the next page and swipe left to slide back to the previous page.

Purchasing books on Kindle e-Reader

 Kindle books can be purchased from the Kindle Store on your registered device. All your purchased books are stored in the cloud. The eBooks are accessible from the Manage Your Content option.

The most common thought the users have is if they can continue to buy books from Amazon once they have brought Kindle. The answer to this is –certainly!! Kindle eBooks are easy to carry and purchase but for many of us, nothing beats the smell of ink on the fresh book pages. Therefore, you can always buy the hardcopy of your favourite book to decorate it on your shelf and carry it along in your Kindle.

The Kindle books like your regular books can be returned. But what comes in addition, is that you can pre-order books on your Kindle. Amazon doesn’t restrict you to books, you get access to newspapers, magazines, etc. You can search for your favourite books and magazines and in case if you don’t have anything specific in your mind, Kindle suggests you some books that you would like to read. You can read the free sample and if you like the text, buying the book is just a click away.

Also, Kindle allows you to read multiple books at a time. So, if you want to take a break and reading something new, Kindle is all for it.

Personalizing your books

             Ebooks are all the better than regular books and Kindle proves it. You can highlight the important lines with just a long press and even share your favourite passages. If you want to take a note, go ahead and select the passage. These highlights and notes are not only saved in the book but also in a special section named “Kindle Highlight Page”.

Not Just Books

Your Kindle eBook reader is a smart device that doesn’t restrict you to books, magazines, newspapers, or other readable. You can install other apps as Games, Social Networking sites, OTT channels, and much more.

Secret Amazon Tricks

The Kindle is a simple device to use but a few secret tips and tricks will enhance your user experience infinitely. 

X-Ray: This feature will prove to you that eBooks are way smarter than you expect them to be. Your book knows its history inside out. With the X-Ray feature, you can examine the story setting, historical figures, topics, fictional characters, and all the other details about anything mentioned in your book. Though Amazon is still working on this feature and it is not available for all books at present.

Good Reads Book club:

The Kindle users can sign in to the Amazon-owned Good Reads book club to interact with like-minded people. The crowd here discusses mainly the books, famous literary works and other such interesting and informative facts. You can also add books to the Read list and also see what other users have in their list. You can make friends like any other social networking site and see what books they are reading or what reviews people have about the book that you are reading.

Home library:

The Kindle library will become your house’s bookshelf. You can share books with your family members on Amazon Household. To add a person to share books, you just need to follow these 5 simple steps:

Go to Menu

Open Settings

Household and Family library option

Add a new person

Then add the individual

Enter their email and authorize them for Amazon household. You can also share books with your children using the same steps. Enter their details and you can set parental control for them.

  • Loan or borrow books: The home library even permits you to loan or borrow books between friends. The duration however is fixed to 14 days. You can loan any book to any Amazon account holder, though there are a few exceptions to the list. Amazon notifies the book receiver via email when they get a book.
  • Smooth collection: Just like many apps in a phone become cluttery over time, the same can happen with many books. So, to keep things organized you can make a collection and sort books according to your convenience.

  • Web Browsing: Kindle comes with a Browser although the actions in it are restricted. Though you can access Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, and some other popular websites with ease. But beware that Kindle cannot beat your smartphone browsing experience.

  • Fonts: If you are a font freak, that is, a similar type of font in all the books or events the same book tends to bore you then Kindle gives you the option to change font size, type, and a few other things. Just tap on the Aa icon on the top of the screen. Go to the Font family and adjust the Font type and style as per your likes.

  • Page Refresh: Though Amazon refreshes the page after every 6 turns, you might still encounter some ghosting once in a while. If so, you can refresh any page, any number of times. Refreshing the page will bring you sharper text and clarity on screen.

  • Sharing text: If you want to share excerpts of the book you are reading with your online friends, you just need to add your social media account to kindle.

  • Kindle to cloud connect: If you want to remove a book from your collection, tap and hold for a few seconds and you will see the remove option. This will just lead to the deletion of the book from your library. You will still own the book and it will be available to download again in the cloud storage.

These handy tips will help you make the most of your e-Reader. And the users can expect upgradation of the features for improvement of the working of the device with each Kindle Update. For any additional information or troubles, while using the device, the customer can always contact Amazon Kindle Support which provides active 24*7 assistance.