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Like  any other consumer gadget out there, Amazon kindle devices are also prone to  problems and errors during general usage or updates, even when you handle  them as carefully as possible.  When you say my kindle not working, it is a common term and the fix will require accurate diagnostics to find underlying issues with your kindle device. Lets  have a look at some of the most common issues with Kindle fire  or kindle not working  scenario and see what  you can do yourself to resolve them before calling Amazon Kindle fire Support  to deal with these issues.  

Kindle not working troubleshooting guide

Kindle not working: Kindle support


WiFi connectivity issue: Kindle fire wifi problems

 At  times when you say kindle not working, your Kindle device may just refuse to connect to your home or  work WiFi network . While this can be frustrating, you are not alone  facing this issue, and there are a few solutions available.

Solution:  This may sound obvious, but ensure that you are putting in the correct  wifi network password to begin with and have not switched to Airplane  Mode on position. If that is not the case, then you can try rebooting  your device (press Power button for 40 seconds so that it powers off and  then on again). Additionally, you should also download the Wi-fi  Analyzer and similar apps from Amazon Kindle Support to better diagnose  all Wi-Fi related problems. It may be that the problem lies not with  your Kindle device but the router; so try rebooting your router. If  problem persist try power cycle on your router and device. Steps for  power cycle: turn off your router/modem and kindle fire.We recommend  unplugging the router/modem from power. Wait for a minute and them turn  on your modem and wait for lights to come up and then turn on your  router and wait for lights to show up, now turn on your kindle and try  connecting. make sure your firewall settings are not on strict mode. 

Also  Check that your wireless router is set to use a Wi-Fi channel from 1 to  11.  Refer to your router manual or Internet service provider. You can  login to your router page with default gateway number on your router  sticker and in wifi settings section try changing the channel numbers.  Try 11, 9 ,6 one by one and hopefully it will fix the problem. you can  also try this to resolve the wifi problem: Swipe down from the top of  the screen and tap Wireless, and then tap Wi-Fi. Next to Wi-Fi, tap Off. After you turn off your Wi-Fi connection, tap On to turn it on again.  

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Kindle not working  another scenario can be  internal software glitch that wont allow you to run any fix. Try  resetting your kindle fire to factory default and login back with your  id to get things going on. Check for other devices WiFi connectivity, If  they can't connect, you may need to contact your Internet service  provider for additional help.  My Kindle support  offers independent support for Kindle to resolve the issues and can be contacted via phone or email.

kindle fire latest software version.  If the WiFi problems on your device are random, there might be an  outdated software responsible for this. You can install the latest  software version,if you're able  to connect to a stable network. You can  also download and transfer the software update to your device via USB.  Latest updates make sure that your device firmware and software are in  sync with new changes teo the devices that interconnect. For eg: a  router update may require some changes on your kindle to work properly.  All device updates should be installed timely to avoid any device  malfunction. Still if you cannot update kindle device contact amazon if  your device is in warranty or you can also try my kindle support to get  help. Our kindle support can help you resolve all types of kindle issues  with software and hardware.  

Kindle not booting:   The kindle not working "no boot" is the problem when kindle is actually non operational. If you don't see the kindle logo on power up that's when you can say kindle not working due to boot up problems. Try power cycle if you can remove the battery  or leave it plugged in for 30 minutes before  making another attempt to turn on your device. Your kindle device gets stuck in a loop and power cycle will or hard reset will help you to break that.

Kindle usage issues: Kindle not working properly  is a general term used when we are not able to achieve the desired functionality which could be due to software issues or personalized settings disruption. Check you settings first and if it still gives you problem,  check for any pending updates and install them. Restart your kindle .

Troubleshooting Frozen screen:  When your kindle is not working due to the kindle frozen screen issues, try the basic steps before contacting kindle support. First you need to Press and hold, or slide and hold, the Power button for 40 seconds. Even after the screen has gone blank, continue to hold the power button down for 40 seconds, let it go then and device should restart. You may have to press / slide the power button to restart if the device doesn't reboot.  If the kindle screen remains unresponsive, plug in the power adapter and let it charge for 30 mins and try again. Still if kindle not working, contact my kindle support.

Still if your kindle not working issue remains persistent, better speak with a kindle support rep and they can help you with precise diagnostics to eliminate the problems. Remember, Kindle  runs on software and most of the time its the same software due to which you kindle wont work.

Sometimes to fix kindle not working problems like mentioned above, reset is the best option to avoid time consuming kindle troubleshooting. Always remember resetting your kindle to factory defaults will remove all your personal information like Amazon account information, Wi-Fi settings, parental controls and your downloaded content on the device. Make sure to back up your personal content to your computer first and then think about reset. Any content you had purchased using your Amazon account is automatically saved to Amazon cloud and can be downloaded again when you register your Fire tablets or Kindle e-reader to your Amazon account.

Sometimes the issue could be with the kindle device hardware and if your device is in warranty always contact Amazon kindle support and you can get it fixed or device replaced. Do not attempt any hardware repairs if your device is in warranty as it will void the warranty contract. Contact kindle support for any advance kindle technical assistance.