Kindle Power Button Not Working? Know How To Reset it

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The power button is an essential element of your kindle. Granted that one single button plays such a significant role. The device depends on the power button to work as it is responsible to trigger the device to come to life and perform all the functions. You can switch on or shut off your Kindle with this small button. It is also helpful for many troubleshooting methods such as restarting, rebooting or factory resetting your kindle. If the power button becomes unresponsive your activities on the kindle will come to a screeching halt. To recover your kindle from the power button not working you can follow these kindle troubleshooting methods:

The Frozen Screen:

– It is a possibility that the power button is not affected and the problem could be the frozen screen.

– When you turn on your device and the screen does not respond it could be related to the screen being unresponsive.

– The power is on but the device is locked up.

– This is why your kindle is not working when you turn on the power button.

– To get over this issue you can try resetting your kindle.

Recharge The Kindle:

– Another common reason for the kindle to not turn on could be the battery.

– If the battery is running low on the power your kindle will not switch on.

– Plug the charger in your kindle and try resetting it.

– You can drain out the battery till the device switches off and put it on an overnight charge.

– If the device is still not starting, try resetting it again.

– If it still won’t work your cable may be broken, charge the device with another cable.

– You can use a cable/charger on your smartphone or tablet.

Get a Battery Replacement:

– Another possibility is your kindle battery is broken. In this scenario, you will have to replace the battery.

– You can do this on your own but since it is a slightly complex process, we advise you to seek professional help.

Fix The Broken Part by Yourself:

– You can fix the broken part yourself, follow these steps to do so:

  • Start with opening the back cover. Use a 2-side screwdriver to open the back cover.
  • The back cover is flexible; pop the bottom with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Then slide it down to detach the top and take out the back cover completely.
  • Move over to the front to remove the front cover.
  • Open the front from the sides with a screwdriver.
  • Try to open the cover from the front and then gently slide it from each side.
  • You can remove all the screws after removing the cover.
  • Unscrew all the nuts from the front of the device, there are 6 in total.
  • After removing the screws give the device a gentle push to remove the frame of the back cover.
  • Use the screwdriver on the power button gently and that’s how your button works.

– You can use this method for repairing and replacing any other part as well.

Use a Computer as an Alternative to the Power Button:

– A way to reset your kindle without the kindle reset button is manual, do the following procedure:

  • Plug the Kindle into a computer with the help of a USB cable.
  • You will be out of the screen saver mode and able to read the kindle.
  • Once you are out of screen saver mode unplug the kindle from the computer.
  • Visit the home screen hit the menu button and select search.
  • Type ‘; debugon’ and press enter. At this point, your search should be highlighted.
  • Type ‘–disable screensaver’ and again, hit enter button.

– This will prevent your screen from going into the screen saver mode.

Manual Restart:

– Manually restart your kindle when the power button stops working.

– Connect the Kindle to a computer using a USB cable and turn on the device.

– Once you have successfully opened your kindle the next step is to reset it.

– Resetting the device usually fixes the power button issue, if it is caused by something temporary.

– Go to the settings option on the main menu on your home screen.

– From the settings choice, select ‘device options.

– The format will show the choices in device options. You need to select ‘reset to factory default options’

– And finally select reset. 

– This is how you can reset your kindle without the use or help of the power button.

Try Kindle Troubleshooting Methods:

– Once you have powered on the kindle with the help of the computer USB you can try the following troubleshooting methods to fix the power button issue:

Complete the troubleshooting by performing a power cycle.

Contact Kindle Repair Service To Fix The Power Button:

– The power button is a crucial element of your kindle.

– It makes the functioning and accessibility very convenient.

– You might be able to operate on the device without the help of the power button.

– But having it work will make things much easier and less frustrating for you.

– This is why we recommend investing in fixing the button instead of finessing through the process.

– If you fear damaging your device by trying to fix it by yourself you can reach out to amazon tech support.

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