Kindle Registration error

Kindle Device Registration Failed


Setting up your Kindle device is just so easy but sometimes the account registration may fail.  One can access multiple devices after setup through a single Amazon account. But the  Kindle account is accessible with one Amazon account.  When your Kindle device is showing Kindle device registration failed and fails to register, this registration error can be solved quickly


Unable To Register Kindle Device?

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Why kindle device registration failed?

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Why registration error?

When you are using the Kindle, remember that you cannot access it by using an Amazon account which is already in use with other Kindle device. Kindle can manage only a single account and that account cannot be used with the other Kindle device until it is registered with the one Kindle device. Make sure the device is not registered with some other account. And, if required deregister the Kindle account then register it again. Another reason could be, poor wifi connectivity due to which your Kindle shows this error - unable to connect at this time error. Make sure that there is strong connectivity to avoid such issues. Also incorrect user password may cause this problem.

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Device Registration failed FIX

If you're trying to register via the Kindle by clicking 'register' aentering your account credentialsyou might try doing it via the computer instead. Log on at your computer and enter the Kindle Serial number, which is readily available via settings. First, please check to see whether it is already registered , deregister and most Kindles arrive already registered to the account through which they were purchased originally.Youmight have got it as gifts, too, in which case they comeunregistered. If it did come unregistered, this is the way to register and now After completing the deregistration, you can register with the right account ,log in to another device through Amazon Kindle Login . you should be able to manage the Kindle devices by logging in to your PC . Sometimes you may get internal error and the device can restore to default settings and will be ready for setup again.

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Kindle Device registration

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New Kindle registration error

New Kindle users need to register with amazon before they can start using the device. There are featured benefits of using the single account on Kindle device. The books or magazines, it includes all kind of content which can be read on the kindle. This kindle registration error occurs when an account is registered to some device and users cant register Kindle or simply the end user doesn’t know how to do it. Kindle device registration failed error can be frustrating at time but there is a work around to fix this issue. Registration issues can often be caused by incorrect passwords, so make sure you are putting in the right password to register kindle device. If the device is purchased with a diff account you need to follow deregister process first. There can be an issue with the network too as device will no register without active internet connection. here are the steps to register kindle device.

1. From Home, go to Menu, and then select Settings. Then select  option My Account (newer generation devices) or Registration (earlier generation devices)
2. Now you get 2 options if you have an existing account or need new account. Select the appropriate option and follow simple onscreen instructionss or contact kindle support.

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Used kindle registration
kindle supportKindle device registration failed error:To deregister the Old Kindle:
  1. From Home, go to Menu, and then select Settings. Then select  option My Account (newer generation devices) or Registration (earlier generation devices).
  2. Now hit Deregister Device & If prompted, select Deregister again to confirm.

Once you are done with this process proceed with the registration steps again and make sure you have the correct password to successfully register your kindle device . Now can register kindle device from a computer or from device itself.

When using computer go to  account- mange your  content and devices . Now select your device that you want to deregister and follow the onscreen prompts to finish setup and fix  kindle registration error. Contact kindle support for further help, if needed.

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