Kindle Screen Frozen Partially? Know How To Fix it

It doesn’t matter whether your kindle is fully or partially frozen, at the end of the day, the frozen screen will devoid the kindle of its functionality and leave you frustrated trying to operate it.

When this situation arises, as a user you have three options to get rid of the problem. You can either try to troubleshoot your device, ask for a professional’s help or get the device replaced. Of course, not all the options are feasible for everyone. Before you go for a replacement, we will give you a kindle help guide to troubleshoot the semi-frozen screen.

What Causes The Kindle Screen To Freeze Partially?

To simply put the answer to this question, the common problems that cause any other error on your device could be responsible for kindle screen freeze as well. These common problems are as mentioned below:

Software is not upto Date:

 If you haven’t updated the software, the screen can freeze because of this.

– This happens because your device lacks access to new features which causes performance failure.


– The software causes the processor to slow down.

There is a Problem with Kindle Hardware

– If a part of the device is not working, the kindle may become unresponsive because of it.


– This can also cause the kindle screen to freeze partially.

The Kindle Screen is Broken

– If your kindle screen is damaged, it can partially disable the touch.

– The impact on the screen might have caused damage to the hard drive.


– Therefore, the damage on the screen makes the screen freeze partially.

There is a Fault in The Battery:

– If you constantly use your kindle on a low battery or let it drain completely it can damage the battery.

– The battery could also be damaged due to overuse or not being used for too long.

– It is also possible that your device is old and the battery has worn out.


– Any of these could affect the battery which could be responsible for partial screen freeze.

The Device is Low on Storage:

– If your device is packed with a lot of files and documents, the processor will become slow.


– Free space allows for the kindle to function smoothly as there is room for more data to be processed.  

How Do You Fix A Partially Frozen Screen?

Now that you might have an idea of what is causing the problem, let’s take a look at how to solve them. Following mentioned are the kindle fire troubleshooting methods you can apply to prevent or fix kindle frozen screen:

Perform Kindle Update on Software:

– If the screen is getting frozen because of kindle fire update problems then try updating the software.

– You can visit and check the latest software version.

– If you connect your Kindle to a Wi-Fi network then it will update automatically.

– It is important to note that the kindle update is more of a preventative measure than a cure.


– The Kindle fire update problems cannot be solved if you already have the problem of the kindle not responding. 

Resetting The Kindle Device:

– A frozen screen’s easiest fix is to give the reading device a reboot.

– The restart will close down the close screen and restart the home page.

– To restart the kindle, press the restart button for 20 seconds.

– When you release the button a reboot screen will appear.


– The device should be back to normal after the steps are completed.

Charging The Kindle:

– Put your kindle on a charge if it indicates the battery is low.

– Avoid using your kindle on the low battery to prevent frozen screen in the future.

– If the device does not work still, drain the battery and let it charge overnight.


– Restart the device the next day and it should start to work and overcome minor glitches. 

Send for Repair:

– The safest thing to do especially if the kindle is under warranty is to take it for repairs.

– Let the professionals fix the problem for you.

– This way you can avoid the risk of further damaging the device.

– You can contact our Kindle tech support for repairs.

– If your screen is broken and needs to be changed let the experts do it, don’t attempt it doing yourself.


– Similarly, if the battery needs to be changed it’s best to let the trained technicians do it.

Get a Replacement:

– If the frozen screen or any other such problem happens to appear frequently on your kindle get it replaced.

– It will be easier to get a replacement under the warranty.

– Replacement is applicable on devices that have troubles when you buy them.

– Bring the device to the experts and they will fix the issue for you or get you a replacement.

– Unfortunately, in a situation where the device is beyond repair the only solution left is to get a new device.

– Sometimes the repairing charges can cost a lot depending on the damage.


– You might as well get a new device than investing a huge amount of money in the repairs.

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