What To Do When Kindle Stops Working

What To Do When Kindle Stops Working

Amazon kindle is a compact and reliable device. It is simplistic, easy to use, and free of hassle. Despite this, it has its drawbacks. Though the drawbacks are not severe they are worth taking note of. Problems will not arise if you use the device with caution, but there is only so much prevention that could be done. If a problem arises due to the nature of the device you will need to assess ways to fix them. We at kindle support help you do just that.

One of the most common problems with the device is that it stops working in the middle of being used. You will have to understand what the problem might be and you can then apply the appropriate solution. 

What is Causing The Kindle To Stop?

It is necessary to determine the root of the problem in order to find a way to fix the issue. If your problem with the device is that it stops while in use or becomes unresponsive, it could be due to the under-mentioned reasons:

Kindle Storage is Full:

– The kindle will become unresponsive or stops working altogether when the storage is full.

– Too many or large files can take up all the space with affects the processor of the device.

– Every action performed on kindle requires storage as the command needs to be processed.

– When there is too little or no space left on the device it cannot take any instructions.

– This causes the device to forcefully stop and become unresponsive.

Kindle Battery is Dead:

– The most obvious cause of the kindle stop is a dead battery.

– If there is nothing feeding power to the device, it simply won’t work.

– The battery dies when the device is not charged.

– Also, if the device is old the battery depletes in performance with due course of time.

You Have Been Using it With a Low Battery:

– Many times, after plugging in the charger people continue to use the device while it is charging.

– These harm the battery and affects its performance drastically.

– The impact of which can be seen in the performance of the kindle over time.

Kindle Software is not Updated:

– If the kindle update is not done when new software is launched the device acts up.

– The updates have new and improved features to enhance the device’s performance.

– When the device does not have access to new features the performance is affected.

– Hence, the software should be up to date otherwise kindle fire update problems arise.

There is a Bug in the System:

– Bugs can arise because of many reasons.

– It could be a problem with the software that causes bugs in the system.

– A possible malware attack can also launch bugs.

– Bugs can majorly or minutely affect the kindle’s performance.

– They are definitely a reason to be considered when the device stops working.

Kindle is Old:

– After a certain amount of time the kindle will depreciate in performance.

– If you have had your kindle with you for quite some time, its overall system slowly stops working.

– Issues like this are an indication that your device needs to be replaced.

– This could very well be the reason for kindle not responding.

You have not used the Kindle in a long time:

– Kindle is a machine, and machines get rusty when left unused for too long.

– When any kindle is left idle and unused it will perform poorly after being turned on.

– Electronics can drain out even when not in use.

– Therefore, even when they are not in use they won’t work as new when you do use them.

How To Troubleshoot When Kindle Stops Working?

Now that you might have understood the cause of the kindle not working, you can follow the kindle fire troubleshooting methods below:

Empty the Storage:

– Remove or transfer the unwanted file from your kindle

– Make space so that new data can be installed

– Freeing up space will allow kindle to function smoothly

– Free up cache memory 

Charge the device:

– Put the kindle to charge if the battery is low.

– Use a kindle power adapter and kindle cable for effective charging.

– If the battery is completely discharged let the device charge for at least 4-6 hours.

Avoid using the Device when Battery is Low:

– Do not use your kindle when it is plugged in.

– Save the files or leave a bookmark on the page you are reading before charging.

– You can resume reading once the device has optimum power.

Don't leave your device idle for too long:

– Even when you don’t need the device, turn it on for some time.

– This way it will not lose its longevity.

– Also make sure you charge it.

– Even when not in use, the kindle battery will drain.

Restart the device:

– Unresponsive device needs to be restarted.

– Press the power button for 20-40 seconds till it turns off and back on.

– Restarting will get rid of temporary bugs and other software-related problems.

Perform Reset on Kindle:

– There are two types of reset: hard and soft.

– Perform a soft reset and see if it solves the problem.

– If a soft reset does not work, go for a hard reset.

– Hard reset should only be done in extreme cases as it removes all the previous data.

Get a New Kindle:

– If the kindle is old and acting up because of it replace it.

– It will be more feasible for you to get a new device than constantly getting it fixed.

– Eventually, it will stop altogether.

– Get a new one before it becomes absolutely useless.

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