Fixing The Kindle Stuck on Register Screen Error

Kindle stuck on register screen? Know how to fix
Kindle stuck on register screen? Know how to fix

Kindle is the most popular digital reading device on the market. It is also one of the top devices sold by Amazon. Unfortunately, sometimes users may experience issues while using Kindle such as it could become unresponsive or freeze during use. If you are trying to register on your amazon and it is gets stuck on the registration page not allowing you to move forward or go back then this article will help you in figuring out what you need to do. Go ahead and keep reading! 

Whether it is a kindle fire registration error or you cannot register kindle paperwhite, no matter what model you are having the issue of “Kindle for PC registration failed”, it works the same for all of them. These are the common solutions for all your kindle devices and you will not have to do anything differently on each device, therefore if you are looking to get the device to de freeze from your registration page and complete the registration process then follow these instructions: 



To fix the issue you need to understand why this is happening. Mentioned below are some of the reasons for what might be causing the issue:

  • Processor load- the processor can become overloaded when burdened with instructions. If you have entered a lot of action on your kindle without giving it the time to process the actions it will freeze on one page because the software has been sent so many signals at the same time it will get confused as to which function to perform causing it to freeze.
  • Low battery –

Kindle is a chargeable device and it needs to be filled up so that the processor has the energy to perform the tasks. If your Kindle device is running on a low battery, it will not be able to perform well. Therefore, it could be a reason that your device is freezing up when trying to register. Especially when you first use your kindle device, you will have to make sure that you have charged your device before switching it on.

  • Outdated firmware- when the firmware is not up to date it will not be able to perform as efficiently. If you are using a feature on your kindle that is not supported by your firmware it might affect the performance of your device. Sometimes this happens during the registration as well. If you are trying to log into your kindle then you need to make sure that your kindle firmware is up to date so that it can function smoothly and does not get stuck on the registration page.



Now that we know the reasons of what might be causing the problem of your registration page being stuck and you are unable to register kindle because you are facing issues like kindle stuck on register screen due to these reasons then here’s a kindle help guide to fix these problems:

  • Charge your device– one of the most obvious reasons that you are facing kindle registration error could be a kindle fire registration internal error, the internal error being a low battery. If your amazon kindle device has a low battery then you need to charge the device. You cannot work effectively on your kindle device while it is on low battery. When you use your device while it is on low battery often it not only affects the device at the time of use but also deteriorates the quality of battery and reduces battery life in the long run. 

NOTE- It is also important to make sure that you do not use the device while it is on charging to avoid problems such as overheating or wearing down the software.

  • Firmware updates– one of the ways to prevent your kindle from freezing up is to update the software. Update your device to have access to the latest firmware. Firmware updates are needed in a device from time to time as it allows fixing problems that your device has and also introduces new functions in the device with makes the user experience better.


If you are working with old software then you need to update it. If you can’t register kindle and “kindle registration failed” keeps popping up on your screen then you might want to try a kindle update, you can directly perform the update from your kindle device by visiting the “kindle software update latest generation” page and download the update for your specific Kindle model. Or you can do it by going on your amazon account.

  • Reset the unit- when you can’t register kindle because the registration page is frozen and you are stuck on the registration page then the only solution is to restart your device. It is extremely easy to do. All you have to do is locate the power button on your kindle. Hold it down for 10-15 seconds and then release it. The device will shut down and restart on its own. Once the device is turned on you can proceed to use it and try to register again.
How To Reset Kindle Device

NOTE- resetting your device is not the same as performing a reboot. You will not lose any information that is on your kindle by restarting the device such as the downloaded files or the books and articles that you might have previously purchased from Amazon. 

  • Contact amazon support- when you have tried everything to fix the problem by yourself and still nothing is happening then the last resort for you is to contact amazon kindle support. Do not perform any other action and especially don’t try to open up your device or do anything you are not professionally trained for as it might cause irreversible damage to your device.

Instead, take the help of the experts and trained professionals and contact them on kindle support number- +1 530 455-9193