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Amazon Kindle support is your online guide and phone support help desk to help you resolve Kindle troubles with easy instructions. Find elaborated troubleshooting steps for your kindle and follow the instructions given in the steps to successfully fix the kindle errors. Kindle generally works without major hiccups right from setup time, but just like any other device it needs timely updates and the end user may experience some problems due to these updates or at times, the kindle software can create malfunction. There are some minor issues and can be resolved quickly but some will need kindle expert help. Kindle customer support can help you with Kindle device problems,update/ usage and setup issues. Please find Amazon device support page link here for any warranty related issues.To resolve all these issue our Kindle tech support team is there to assist , please contact Kindle Support number for help or queries. 

Kindle support information

Kindle device setup

Not able to set up your kindle device , we can help you find a fix . Get in touch with my Kindle support for old or new kindle setup help when you are facing any technical issues and would like to talk to an amazon kindle support expert via Email. Live phone support service is also available if you are not satisfied with email support. You can dial my kindle support number for help

Kindle Update error

Sometimes kindle gets stuck during the update process and kindle update can be difficult to resolve on your own and my kindle customer support is there to walk you through the troubleshooting. Let us know the issues via email and we will revert with best possible resolution or dial kindle support number or amazon kindle support .

Kindle not working

Sometimes your kindle device may not work properly, even after having tried the recommended steps. Kindle errors might be because of software and hardware and it requires an accurate diagnostics. My amazon kindle support is there to help you resolve those issues, dial Kindle support number .

Common issues: kindle support

Amazon Kindle support

Kindle not working and whatever is the reason, find the kindle technical troubleshooting information right away with our kindle customer support desk. We can help end users to find troubleshooting information for kindle technical issues related to the setup and usage errors of Amazon Kindle.  Moreover, when there is an issue hard to diagnose or find solution online,dial kindle support number for help. Our team is there to help you with these issues and we will be adding updated troubleshooting based on Kindle generations through our resources and as suggested by Amazon kindle support. We  have covered all basic issues and the major kindle issues for detailed one stop  resolution. Find  below the common issues and find detailed description for troubleshooting.


  • How to get started with the Amazon Kindle device
  • Kindle setup error and Kindle device registration errors
  • Transfer e-Books from the old Kindle tablet to the new Kindle device
  • Troubleshoot Amazon Kindle freezing issues
  • Kindle battery is not charging
  • Kindle home screen is blank
  • Not able to find Kindle technical support for Kindle repair
  • After Operating System upgrade Kindle support not working
  • Animations and graphics turn slowly.
  • Not able to find Kindle technical support for Kindle repair

Kindle update error

Kindle update error 

Kindle support troubleshooting

Kindle support number

Not able to Set up Kindle Fire

Setting up an Amazon Kindle tablet is simple, but sometimes while connecting it and during the setup phase you might face some problems too. Kindle customer support usually finds the end user stuck with setup error because of wrong  user account, already connected old account, wrong password, kindle firmware issue or your wifi connection.  For accurate diagnostics follow our kindle setup guide  to isolate the problem and try to fix your account problem on Amazon account page and for any other problem try contacting Kindle support number.

Not able to setup Email account on Kindle

Kindle allows you to manage your account and use your email with it and  manage your emails on your Kindle device. For setting up and email account issues, go to settings and add your email account. Kindle adds the Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo email servers automatically.  For some emails enter  the SMTP servers and IMAP/POP3 servers manually (available on providers website). Still if you cant setup email it could be a software glitch and that might be tricky sometimes, so contact kindle customer support or just dial our kindle support number for immediate help or find more info on email setup on kindle

Kindle update issues

Amazon Kindle receives regular updates and when connected to WI-Fi it automatically installs the latest Firmware/ software updates. In certain cases, when the Kindle tablet works abnormally and fails to receive or install the updates follow the kindle update error guide. For easy fix you can also try this , go to settings and click on update to update it for a manual update. When Kindle fails to take up the manual update also,e try resetting the device. If all steps fail to resolve the  kindle update error, call the Amazon Kindle Support number for additional help.

Amazon kindle wont boot up

This can be frustrating issue with your kindle device, where you cant do much troubleshooting on your own . Remember this, when you press the power button located on the edge of Kindle tablet it start up loading the Kindle logo on the screen which means the devices has booted up. Try power cycle or leave it unplugged for some time and try again.  Kindle customer support have noticed that 50% of the issues get fixed with these steps and if you kindle still not working Dial kindle support number and we can try to resolve the issue with few steps. Else you may have to contact the manufacturer Amazon kindle support for free warranty repairs provided you kindle device is under warranty period. 

Frozen Amazon Kindle

This can happen because of many things including a software glitch and keeping your Kindle fire in sleep mode for a long duration. Try restarting the Kindle tablet by holding the power button. If you fail to get it rebooted, try power cycle ( removing the battery and press power button for 15 seconds). If you are not sure how to remove the battery check you device model user manual to find kindle customer support or just call our Kindle Support number for technical assistance via phone.

Kindle functionality issues

There can be some issue during the ongoing use of your kindle device and most of them can be fixed by simply rebooting it. Try reboot or power cycle and if the issues persist follow the guided solution to see if there any any pending updates for software or firmware. When you are not able to determine the issue, get in touch with our Kindle support desk for assistance.  Mykindlesupport  is  a third party support desk and for warranty claims please contact Amazon Kindle support  for free support.

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