kindle update problems and Error codes


Kindle update problems and error codes can show up primarily due to network or the device inbuilt software issues. As recommended by kindle support in the update process & fix kindle update error, try manual update first. To run the kindle software update, you will require a computer, your Kindle, and a USB cable for manual operations. this is technical a force update when the auto update process is problematic. Here you will also get answered for the scenario like ‘My kindle won’t turn on.’ along with detailed troubleshooting information for Kindle update problems.



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Kindle fire update problems

First of all, it is a fixable problem. Amazon Kindle fire always receive regular kindle software updates. If it is connected to WI-Fi, it should automatically install the latest Firmware/ software updates. In some instances, the Kindle fire tablet starts showing update errors, or kindle registration failed and failed to take the updates. In that case, you have to do the manual troubleshooting. You can go to settings and click on update to update it. If the Kindle fire fails to take up the manual update, you need to call the Kindle Support for more help with kindle update errors.

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Kindle Has Frozen While Updating

IF your device gets stuck during the installation process, you can manually download and install these kindle updates to resolve kindle update errors. If your Kindle becomes unresponsive during an update, you must restore functionality before the update can continue. Troubleshoot the potential issues behind kindle software update failure. Try resetting device and run manual kindle updates. Contact Amazon kindle support to resolve critical kindle update errors.

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Kindle firmware update

Amazon has released a new firmware update and kindle software update for all Kindles released in the past six years dating back to the Kindle Paperwhite 2, the 6th generation Kindle model. The new software version is 5.11.1 for the new Kindle Paperwhite 4 and for the other Kindles. The previous version was 5.10.3. If you cannot run it automatically, you can download it from Amazon and manually install it via USB using the regular kindle update process. Contact Amazon kindle support to resolve critical Registration failed 401 kindle errors.

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Download a Software Update Wirelessly

To receive the latest kindle software update version available for your Kindle e-reader over a Wi-Fi network, please follow the steps below to resolve your issue quickly: 1. Plug your Kindle in to charge during the update. 2. Connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi. 3. Sync your Kindle. 4. For Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation), tap the Quick Actions icon, and then tap Sync My Kindle. 5. For all other Kindle e-reader models, select or tap the Menu button, and then select Sync and Check for Items. The update should begin downloading automatically, even if your Kindle is in sleep mode. Leave your Kindle connected to both power and Wi-Fi until the update is complete. Note: Your Kindle may restart multiple times, and you may also see "Your Kindle is Updating" on the screen. Contact Amazon kindle support if you cannot fix kindle update or Kindle fire tablet not reading sd card errors.

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Kindle Fire update support

When you need to speak to Kindle support, please dial the kindle support via chat or fill in the web contact form and we will get back to you at the earliest. Refer above step to resolve kindle update or kindle registration failed error and contact Amazon kindle support for h/w related issues. Kindle fire update problems most of the time are software related only and can be resolved. We recommend users not to try any manual update from direct downloads and always use the Amazon Kindle page for latest version of software and firmware updates. If you need email instructions to resolve Kindle fire update problems, send us email and we will send the instructions.


Kindle Support Via chat

Kindle fire update problems with kindle update? Here are the reasons why your device may not be updating? Most Kindle e-book users were supposed to update their devices by March 12, 2021. Due to many unknown reasons, some are still using an outdated software version that fails to operate the kindle devices. Below are a few possible outlined factors that could prevent your device from updating. 1. No or poor internet connection The Kindle HD tablet will automatically update itself once it’s connected to Wi-Fi. Many devices haven’t been able to update because they have no internet access. How to solve the kindle update problem Make sure your device is in a Wi-Fi range to connect. Once it gets connected, tap Settings > Device Options > System Updates > Update to update your device. 2. Update file was not transferred properly. The update option will be greyed out if the update file did not transfer in a correct way. If the update file was not found in the right directory folder (root directory not in any sub-folder) Solution Make sure to drag and drop the update file into the right directory folder (root directory not in any sub-folder). Once this is done, the update option will be accessible for you to update your device. 3. Your device won’t update when your battery percentage is low. Updates require a download, two restarts and installation processes, there should be enough power left in the battery to perform all these tasks. Solution Put the device on charge and wait until it’s 50% or more before starting the updating process.



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Kindle update Error 3

A checksum of a file update primarily causes the kindle update error three. In other words, the update file was not available to be accessed by the device. This could be as a result of the file not being placed in the right directory folder. Therefore, the device cannot retrieve the file and update, even though it is on the device.

How to fix kindle update error 3

Make sure to drag and drop the update file in the right directory folder (root directory, not any subfolder) and if you cannot take care of this error you can chat for kindle help.

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Kindle update Error 4

Kindle update error 4 is also caused when any update files are lost (the inside of the update file is damaged). The update file should be transferred entirely to the Kindle drive before you disconnect. If the transfer isn’t complete and there’s a disconnection, some files won’t be shared. The kindle update process may start alright but will stop in the middle because specific vital files may be missing.

How to fix kindle update error 4

First, download the right kindle update file for your device. Again, make sure the transfer process is complete before you disconnect your device. Once you can get all the files, the update is due to proceed. If you need some help with this error, contact kindle helpline.

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Kindle update Error 5

The kindle update error 5 is standard and is primarily caused by Problems with the temporary folder (tmp), for example, there is not enough free space, or the update program cannot create a folder there. When your device doesn’t have enough space to temporary store your update file for your device to update, you experience update error.

How to fix kindle update error 5.

Kindle support recommends that you eliminate specific, less relevant files to make room for the update files. Delete some old unwanted files from your kindle device if you need kindle help contact kindle support for further diagnostics.

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Kindle update Error 6

The Kindle update error 6, say update failed or device could not update any of the files or could not perform another operation. As a rule, this means that some Kindle files turned out to be modified, for example, if modification of the menu or virtual keyboard is installed. If an update file is limited, the likelihood is either compressed, or some essential files will miss out.

How to fix kindle update error 6.

Make sure to download the desirable files from the help page of Amazon. Download the fresh copy and try updating and still if you get stuck fixing this error for further kindle device help.

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Kindle update Error 7

Kindle update Error 7 means update authentication failed. A certificate signs each kindle update. Amazon signs to its hacks in turn to its own. If you install any hack and get such an error, you did install it from wrong source(or it does not work as expected). If the kindle update isn’t from the right source, it will not be authentic; therefore, the device may reject it as it sees it as a foreign content or not signed by Amazon.

How to fix kindle update error 7. 

Make sure you download only free kindle update files from the help page of Always use this link provided above for the latest kindle updates or contact kindle helpline to know more.

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support for Kindle update errors

There could be a scenario where you may not be able to fix the issues on your own. Kindle support is there to assist for the kindle update error issues, and you can reach kindle support by dialling the kindle support by sending email to [email protected].


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