Troubleshooting Kindle Paperwhite not Charging Error

Kindle paperwhite not charging

Kindle Paperwhite not Charging? Here is a Quick Fix Guide

Kindle paperwhite not charging

Many kindle not charging problems occur due to the depletion of the battery. If your device is old or worn out, the battery will start to act up after a point in time. You can take good care of your device and take every measure to make your kindle last long but the battery life of an electronic device is limited and therefore, it will deplete in performance eventually. Kindle paperwhite is made to enhance user experience and provide great quality for the reader but since it is an electronic device it will eventually decline in performance. When the battery of the device is affected, it can cause charging problems, but the battery is not always the reason other factors could affect the charging, they are given below:

Depletion of Battery:

Over time, your battery will deplete in performance. This could be the reason for kindle not charging problem on your device; this problem mostly occurs if you have been using the device for a long time it could also happen when you have no used the device for a significant amount of time. The battery when has not been in use for a while starts to deplete and give poor performance.

Charging Cable Problems:

You need to ensure that your charging cable is not faulty. Always use the cable provided by amazon for kindle paperwhite for optimum performance. You can check whether the cable is faulty or not by replacing the cable, and if the kindle charges with the other cable, then you will know that the charging problems are being caused by the charging cable.

Power Outlet Problems:

You need to make sure that your power outlet is supplying enough power to the device for it to be charged. If there is a power shortage in the power outlet then that could be a possible reason for your device to not work.

Power Adapter Problems:

The power adapter provided by kindle paperwhite is strong and fast charging. But if you find no problem in your power outlet as well as your adapter then you need to check and make sure that the adapter is not faulty. You can check it by using a different adapter on your device, if it works then you need to replace the power adapter.

Clogged Socket:

The charging socket on your kindle paperwhite needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid dust and dirt from collecting on it. If your kindle paperwhite is not charging then it could be due to the clogged socket.

Software Issues:

If there is an issue with the new software after you update it on your device then that could also cause charging problems. You can wait for some time as mostly the company quickly realizes if there is a bug in their product and launch new software.

In that case, you can continue to successfully charge your device once the new software has been launched and updated on your device.

The above-mentioned problems could easily be tackled by following the most common kindle fire troubleshooting methods. 

The problem of kindle paperwhite not charging could be fixed by following the steps that are mentioned below:

Updating Your Kindle Paperwhite Software:

Updating to the latest software will get rid of any bugs and issues that could be caused due to the software. Using old software deteriorates the overall performance of the device therefore you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the software and if not then you need to perform the kindle update.

Replace Your Charging Cable:

If your charging cable is faulty then you need to replace it. You can find a similar charging cable on any electronic device or use your android phone’s charging cable. We do however advise you to use an original cable made for the device. You can purchase that from Amazon’s site.

Replace Your Power Adapter:

If there is a problem with your power adapter then you can replace it. You can either get one from amazon, any electronic store or you can simply use the power adapter of the smartphone device that you might already own.

Use a Different Power Source:

Using a different outlet that can provide enough power for your device to charge is the best solution. If you continue to use the charger on a power source that is not of sufficient wattage to charge your device then it will take a longer time and might ruin the battery for good.

Clean The Charging Port:

If there is dirt or dust deposited on the charging port then you need to clean it with the help of a soft cloth. Do not use water, wet wipes, or any harsh cloth material. After you clean the port try to charge the device again

Restart The Device:

If there is a temporary glitch in the software then it can be easily fixed by restarting your device. You can restart your device by holding down the power button for a few seconds and select restart when a dialogue box appears on the screen.

Reboot The Device:

If the problem seems severe or could not be solved by any other method then you can do a reboot. This will get rid of all the data but you can create a backup for that. Once your reboot is complete the device will start to work back from its default setting and you can make changes according to your preference after that.

Drain The Battery and Recharge:

If there is a fix in your battery you can allow it to drain completely till it gets switched off and then let it charge for 4-6 hours or overnight without disturbing it. Remove the device from charging and switch on the device once it is charged. You can now continue to use it as usual.


You can take the help of a kindle help guide or contact kindle support to help you with any problems that you might have on your kindle devices. You can call on this amazon kindle support number +1-530 455-9193.