Get Rid of All Your Kindle Fire Update Problems Here

How to get rid of kindle fire update problems

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How to get rid of kindle fire update problems

Kindle fire is one of the most affordable Kindle models out there. The tablet fulfils all your basic expectations you might have from a kindle device such as checking your emails, reading books, listening to audiobooks, watching movies, or playing games, it is a compact solution to all your reading needs at a very reasonable price.

Kindle fire is different from other kindle devices in terms of resolution, performance, design, display, cameras, and battery life. Users who prefer to use their kindle only for reading should go for the other models such as kindle paperwhite or kindle oasis as they are designed to feel more like you are reading on paper, they are easy on the eyes and have longer battery life than kindle fire. However, if you are looking to enhance your user experience and want to be able to access more features on the kindle device and make a multi-purpose use out of it you definitely should invest in kindle fire.

Now the kindle fire is a pretty smooth functioning and low maintenance device. And even though it is pretty simple to use it is a technical device after all and technical devices tend to run into some sort of problems. It could be the system’s fault or the mishandling of the device. The most common problem that the kindle fire users face is related to updating the device. In this article, we will cover all the problems and their solutions regarding the common kindle fire problems regarding the kindle update

Kindle fire update problems and solutions-

If you are facing any issue regarding your kindle fire update that could be due to many reasons such as registration error, charging problem, SD card registration problems, etc. Before you update the kindle fire make sure these problems are resolved:

v Kindle fire won’t charge-If you are having troubles regarding charging your kindle fire then these are the steps that you need to follow:

·         Make sure that the power outlet is connected and working

·         Check the USB connections and make sure all the cables are working properly. If the cable is not working replace it with a new one as it can mess with the ability to charge your device.

·         Check that the charging cable is working properly. Make sure that the cable is not broken, torn, or simply doesn’t work. You can check by using another cable and if that works then discard the charging cable and replace it with the new one.


·         When all that is taken care of and the device is still not charging, restart the device and try to charge it again.

v  Kindle fire registration error

If you are unable to register for kindle or you are facing other registration problems such as “amazon fire stick not registering” to your kindle device follow these steps for kindle fire troubleshooting:


  • If you are unable to register amazon fire tablet, make sure that the details you are entering are correct such as your username and password
  • If you are still seeing kindle registration error deregister your account and reregister
  • Keep in mind that deregistering will wipe out all the files and documents you might have saved on your kindle and you not be able to restore them.

v  How to re-register my kindle account

You might have performed deregistration and now want to know how can you re-register your device. If so, follow these simple steps:

·         Log in on

·         Go to “manage your content and device

·         Login to your kindle fire using the same username and password 

·         Make sure that the credentials that you are entering are correct.

·         Go to device > de register


·         Now open your device and go on the settings menu then click on register > enter the credentials and connect your device to your Amazon account.

v  Kindle fire SD card not recognized

Sometimes after an update, your SD card might act up. Your kindle fire not recognizing SD card could be an issue due to the changes made in the software during the update. To fix this issue you need to do this:


  • Turn off your tablet > remove the SD card from the device > re-insert the SD card into the kindle fire and switch “on” the device. It will now start working.

v  Kindle fire won’t turn off-


Turning off the kindle fire is an integral part of the updating process. If your kindle fire is not turning off it could be due to the depleted battery. If this is the case, try charging your kindle fire for 2-3 hours and leave the device undisturbed during that time. After it has charged sufficiently reset the device.

v  How to update kindle fire-

Now we arrive at our final question, “how do I update my kindle fire?” it is not that hard to do once all the above-mentioned points have been taken into consideration follow these instructions to update kindle fire-

  • You can update the kindle fire manually by visiting the kindle e-reader software update page > locate the device type > download software update > wait for the download to finish
  • Connect a USB cable to your computer and transfer the downloaded update on your kindle device
  • Disconnect the cable from your computer.
  • Now go to your kindle and tap on menu > select update your kindle > select OK. 
  • The updating process will start itself. You will see the message displayed on the screen “your kindle is updating


Make sure to go through all the points mentioned in the article and you will not face any issues while performing the update. If your problem is not solved even after performing all the steps correctly or the problem is not manual it is related to the functioning of the software do not proceed to fix it by yourself instead contact the kindle support service on 1530-455-9193 and ask the experts.