Why Won’t My Kindle Fire Recognise My SD Card

Why Wont My Kindle Fire Recognise My SD Card
Why Wont My Kindle Fire Recognise My SD Card

The kindle fire comes jam-packed with many great features that make the reading experience much more fun and easier. The device focuses on maximizing users’ reading experience. Sometimes however you might run into a little nag while using the device and it is OK if you do. In this article, we will help you solve some of the “common kindle fire problems” regarding the recognition of your kindle fire SD cardFollowing is how you can do kindle fire troubleshooting

Restart your Kindle device

If your kindle fire is not recognizing the SD card the easiest thing to do is to restart the device. To restart your kindle fire all you have to do is hold down the power button for 40 seconds and wait till the device turns off. Release the button and let it turn back on. Now try accessing the SD card. Sometimes you might have an issue like ‘my kindle won’t turn on’ or the screen gets frozen. Restarting your device will help resolve these issues as well.

Replace SD card

Likely, the reason your SD card is not being recognized by the app is that you must have put in a card not supported by the device or your card simply might not be working because it’s faulty or of poor quality.

Whatever the reason maybe it is smart to replace the SD card with a new one if all else fails, this might help the SD card get recognized and connect to your kindle fire.

To do so, turn off your device and remove the SD card. Replace it with a new card and switch it back on. Restarting your kindle will also be helpful if your kindle fire won’t charge.

Remove the case

Sometimes when we apply cases to our devices, they might be a little close fitted. If you have a case on your tablet you should try to remove it before inserting the SD card as it might be suffocating the device because of which your kindle fire not recognize your SD card.

Register your Kindle device

If you have not yet registered your device it may also fail to recognize any other activity you do such as reading your SD card, therefore you need to make sure that you have registered your kindle.

To do so you have to visit amazon’s website (amazon.com). Go to the content and device page on your PC/laptop and log in. Make sure your kindle fire is registered by swiping down the screen and following these steps- Setting > my account > register

Enter the details and save them to register your kindle device with your amazon.

If there is a kindle fire registration error 

Formatting the Kindle SD card

If your SD card’s memory is full then your device will not be able to access it which might be why it is not recognizing it. If it is the case, you must perform a format on your SD card so that it could be used in your kindle. To perform the format, follow these easy steps-

>Turn your tablet off > remove the SD card > insert the SD card in your PC > backup your files > format the card from your PC. For window users, right-click on the SD card option and select format.

Update your kindle fire

Make sure that your Kindle is working on updated software, if it is not you need to update it. Sometimes problems such as SD card recognition may arise due to the software becoming old or new software being launched, which might require some changes to the device. Kindle fire 8 SD card issues can’t be solved if you are still using the software of the last device, update it so that it is more fitted to be used in this device rather than using an older version. To resolve the kindle fire update problems, you can restart your kindle and it will be automatically updated or you can perform a manual update by going on to amazon’s fire and kindle software updates.

Here’s how to update kindle fire manually-

On your kindle navigate to settings > device options > system updates > select the new updated version displayed > allow the device to restart on its own > after the restart “installing system update” message will appear on the screen > wait for the installation process to be completed.

Malfunctioning by overheating

The registration error of the SD card can also occur due to the overheating of the device. If this is the cause you should take the charger out and wait for the device to cool down. Until then don’t perform any other function. When the device is completely cool down after a few hours you can turn the device on and put it back to charging. Once the charging is completed, you can resume using the device again. 

There are several other issues you will face as a user in your kindle besides the Kindle fire tablet not reading SD card and some of these might be more severe than the other. You have to ensure that you have taken all the precautions while setting up the device and there is no chance of malware entering it. If it does it can completely corrupt the system and permanently damage your device to the point where you will never be able to use it again.

Following the above-mentioned troubleshooting might be able to help you with your SD card recognition problem. If the problem continues or none of the solutions work on your tablet, or if this issue is resolved but another one occurs such as amazon fire stick not registering, facing an internal error, registration error, etc. you must try to contact the kindle support team. You can do that by going over to their website or call them on their customer service number which is available 24/7 at +1-530-455-9193